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Engineering-Software SIMOTION SCOUT

The SCOUT project navigator is the common frame for all tools of the engineering system. This workbench is therefore the navigation center for the individual engineering steps. It is used for creating and managing SIMOTION projects and offers a uniform view of all data and programs.

The major innovation is the graphic motion control via Motion Control Chart.

The technological tree structure of the project contains

  • all devices (control, drives etc.),
  • all technological objects (axes, cams, cam plates etc.) and
  • user programs in filterable hierarchic views.

Navigation within the tree structure will open the parameterization or programming tool associated with the selected object.


  • Optimum user-friendliness through integrated, function-oriented views and intuitive operation
  • Centralized data and program administration, even in distributed systems
  • Function-oriented, technological project structure with filterable views
  • Fast access to the individual engineering tools such as configuration, programming and commissioning


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