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The S7-300 is the best selling SIMATIC controller which makes successful automation solutions possible. The SIMATIC S7-300 enables integrated and low-cost system solutions in centralized and distributed configurations.


  • Automotive industry
  • Machine building
  • Plastics processing
  • Packaging industry
  • Food and beverages industry


The S7-300 enables a space-saving modular configuration to machine controllers adapted to the task at hand, without taking slot rules into consideration. A fan is not necessary during operation. Apart from the modules, only a DIN rail is required where the modules are swung into place and secured by screws. A configuration is then possible which is robust and electro-magnetically compatible.

S7-300 Family
S7-400 Family

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The S7-300 CPU spectrum covers following CPU variant

Design CPU Start of delivery Integrated Interfaces Integrated I/O Integrated technological
Standard CPUs

CPU 312   MPI
CPU 314   MPI
CPU 315-2 DP   DP, MPI
CPU 317-2 DP (New) 3rd quarter 03 DP, DP/MPI
CPU 318-2 DP   DP, DP/MPI
Fail-safe CPUs

CPU 315F-2 DP


CPU 317F-2 DP (New) 3rd quarter 03 DP, DP/MPI   Fail-safety
Compact CPUs CPU 312C   MPI Digital Counting
CPU 313C MPI Digital, analog Counting
CPU 313C-2 PtP PtP, MPI Digital Counting
CPU 313C-2 DP DP, MPI Digital Counting
CPU 314C-2 PtP Ptp, MPI Digital, analog
  • Counting
  • Positioning
CPU 314C-2 DP DP, MPI Digital, analog
  • Counting
  • Positioning
Technology CPU CPU 317TC-2 DP (New) 4rd quarter 03 DP, DP/MPI Digital
  • Synchronism
  • Travel to fixed stop
  • Print mark control
  • Cam switching
  • Controlled positioning

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