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STEP 7/Professional is the programming and configuring software designed for professional use with SIMATIC controllers. It includes powerful tools and functions for the varied tasks involved in an automation project.

STEP 7 Professional includes all the programming languages complying with the international IEC 61131-3 standard and therefore enables cross-company standardization and helps save high software engineering overheads.

It supports the user through all the stages of a development process for automation solutions, such as

  • Installation and management of projects
  • Configuring and parameter assignment of hardware and communications
  • Symbol management
  • Program generation for SIMATIC S7 target systems
  • Loading programs on target systems
  • Testing the automation plant
  • Plant fault diagnostics

TEP 7 Professional consists of the following:

  • The STEP 7 basic package including the well proven LAD, FBD and STL languages
  • S7-GRAPH for graphic programming of sequential controls
  • S7-SCL, the high-level language for programming even the most complex tasks
  • S7-PLCSIM for off-line simulation of an automation solution.


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