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ProTool is the universal configuring software for all SIMATIC operator panels and for the HMI part of the SIMATIC C7 and executable under Windows 98 SE/ME and Windows NT 4.0/2000/XP.

ProTool can be seamlessly integrated with STEP7 to become integral component of Totally Integrated Automation (TIA). It is then possible to administer the HMI projects by means of SIMATIC manager within STEP 7 projects and shared use of the STEP 7 data, such as symbol lists, communication parameters and messaging.

  • Re-useable HMI projects configuration
  • The HMI projects can be scaled up or down for conversion to different HMI platforms
  • Reduced maintenance and service cost due to universality
  • Integrated simulation without HMI being connected
HMI FAMILY ProTool ProTool/Lite
Text panels
TD17 Text Display
OP3, OP7 and OP17 Operator Panels



Panels of the 170 series
TP 170A and TP 170B Touch PanelsOP 170B Operator PanelsMobile Panels 170


Panels of the 270 series
OP27 Operator PanelTP27 Touch PanelOP 270 Operator PanelsTP 270 Touch Panels

Multi Panels of the 270 and 370 series
MP 270B, MP 370

HMI part of the SIMATIC C7 control systems
C7-621, -623, -624, -626, -633, -634, -635


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